Work opportunities while living in Yass Valley

With a range of industries and work opportunities both within Yass Valley and neighbouring Canberra, Yass Valley enjoys one of the lowest unemployment rates in Australia at 1.7%.

Yass Valley offers great job opportunities in health care, public administration and in over 1,000 small businesses in the agriculture, retail and tourism sectors.

Living in Yass Valley also gives residents access to the many varied and highly paid jobs in defence, the public service, construction and science offered by the nations’ capital Canberra.

Bordering the ACT means that a commute from Yass Valley to Canberra can be as little as 20mins and just over an hour from the outer villages. CDC Canberra offering weekday commuter and school transport from Yass to Canberra and return, which can make working or studying in Canberra a wonderful option while enjoying country life.

Employment opportunities

The two largest employers within Yass Valley are Transgrid and Yass Valley Council, with vacancies advertised on their websites. The local paper Yass Tribune is also a good resource when looking for employment in Yass Valley. Or do things the ‘old fashioned’ way and take to the streets with a resume and cover letter and get to know the local business owners, you just never know who you may meet and what work opportunities it may lead to.