A gift card to suit everyone, for every occasion!

The Yass Valley Gift cards are truly the perfect gift for every occasion, giving you the option to choose from a variety of participating businesses in the Yass Valley Region, including hairdressers, boutiques, cafes & wineries. The great part about this gift card is that it is up to the consumer on how they spend it, but however they do that, its locally within our Yass Valley Small Businesses. A great way to support our local businesses and put money back into the community!

Businesses Accepting

The Shop Yass Valley Gift Card is encouraging local shopping within the Yass Valley Region. Redeemable at a variety of different businesses across the Yass Valley Region, these gift cards are a unique and convenient gifting solution. The beauty of this gift card is that it is up to the consumer how they spend it, but however they do that, it’s supporting our local Yass Valley small businesses. Click the link below to browse through the participating Yass Valley Businesses.

Businesses Accepting. 


Check your Balance

Want to check the remaining balance on your Shop Yass Valley Gift Card? Simply click on the link below and follow the prompts! Once you have checked the balance of your card it is also a good idea to write this amount on the back of the card so that you can keep track of how much you have left to spend.

Check your Balance.  

Gift Card Bulk Orders

Ordering bulk Shop Yass Valley Gift Cards couldn’t be simpler! The Bulk Card Order Form can be used to place an order for larger volumes of gift cards and these will be sent directly to you. Simply fill out the form, submit it and the cards will be underway!

Bulk Card Order Form 


Want to join?

Are you a business wanting to be involved in the Shop Yass Valley Gift Card program? The ‘Shop Yass Valley’ gift card does exactly that – it asks our local consumers, residents, and businesses to shop local and support what we have in the Yass Valley. Signing up to the gift card program is simple – click the link below and follow the prompts!

Shop Yass Valley Partnership Package Form. 

Having problems with your card?

Having problems with your card? Let us help you!

1. Are you using the card at one of our participating stores?

2. Do you have enough money left on your card? Check balance here

3. Has your card expired? It’s always a good idea to check the expiry date on the backside of the card, ensuring it is still in date.

4. If you are still experiencing issues with your card, you may contact the Why Leave Town enquiry line on 0433 106 350. 


What to do if you have an old Yass Valley Gift Card?

If you have an old Yass Valley Gift Card that is still in date and still has funds on it, contact the Yass Valley Information Centre and ask about funds transfer from the old card, onto a new one! It’s as simple as that!




Yass Valley Information Centre Opening Hours. 

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