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Alpaca Magic Stud began in 1997 with just a couple of alpacas.  Soon after we bought some llamas and began our Llama Magic Stud.We were one of the first Llama Studs in NSW and are the largest Llama Stud in NSW.  We run around 200 camelids (alpacas and llamas).Our breeding program focuses on breeding healthy and robust animals with strong bone, good conformation, with quality fleeces and (of most importance) good temperament.Alpaca Magic consists of 250 acres (100 hectares) of prime rural land set in picturesque rolling hills, providing a tranquil and relaxing get-away from the city’s everyday grind and bustle.  Alpaca Magic is just 20 minutes North of Canberra, access and parking is easy.We run events specifically designed to help you meet our wonderful furry friends, from Donkey Delights to Conversations with Cows and Llama Experiences (walking with Llamas).

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