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Your Guide to the Perfect Christmas Tree

With Christmas right around the corner, there is no better time to start getting yourself prepared – and what place better to start than with a real Christmas tree!

Did you know that one acre of Christmas trees can produce the daily oxygen requirements for up to 18 people?!

Santa’s Shaped Christmas Tree Farm

Breathe in the smell of pine scented air as you take a stroll through rows and rows of perfectly shaped Christmas trees on your journey to find the right one for you and your family. Santa’s Shaped Christmas Tree Farm is located on the outskirts of Gundaroo and have been providing the Yass Valley and Canberra region with beautifully pruned and shaped pine trees for over 17 years. The plantation has wide laneways between rows to allow for easy car access and their trees come in a variety of sizes between 5ft-7ft to suit everyone.

Opening Times: Open daily between 8am-6pm from the 21st November – 24th December 2020

Address: 4144 Gundaroo Rd, Gundaroo

Phone: (02) 6176 3447 or 0427 368 246


Christmas Tree Keng

Nothing beats the nostalgic feeling and the happiness that a beautifully decorated and lit up Christmas tree can bring to your home. Christmas Tree Keng in Bywong have been growing Christmas trees on a sustainable basis since 1987 on approximately half of their 30 acre property. Picking out a real tree is an experience the entire family can enjoy and get involved in, however, if you need assistance cutting your Christmas tree, it is recommended to visit on the weekend so that you can be assisted.

Opening Times: Open daily between 9am-6pm from 1st December until sold out

Address: 242 Shingle Hill Way, Gundaroo

Phone: 0402 246 436 or 0431 675 049


Wallaroo Road Bespoke Christmas Trees

The smell of a real Christmas tree can fill your home with ‘the smell of Christmas’ helping you to create memories that will last forever. Whether you are after a small tree for your apartment, or one large enough to fit in a cathedral, Wallaroo Bespoke Christmas Trees have the perfect tree for you. In 2016, they found a paddock and planted 100’s of tiny trees and have been tending and shaping them ever since.

Opening Times: Weekends from 28th November, THU-SUN 3pm-7pm from the 10th December

Address: Meriden, Wallaroo Road, Wallaroo

Phone: 0409 560 539


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