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Purchase your favourite local products, wines, souvenirs and merchandise all over the phone!

Here is how it is done!

Step 1: browse through our range of products via this blog, take note of the image, product description, price and limits advised with the product.

Step 2: call our friendly staff on 02 6226 2557 and ask to place an order. The staff member will place the order on our system, process credit card payment via the phone, and then package your order for collection.

Step 3: organise with our friendly staff a time to collect your order from the Yass Valley Information Centre.

Step 4: take your package of local goodies home and enjoy!

If you have any concerns or questions about this process, please call us on 02 6226 2557


Local Retail

Irresistibly Alpaca Products 

Item  Price 
Irresistibly Alpaca – Alpaca Wool Gloves  $45.00
Irresistibly Alpaca – Alpaca Wool Socks  $45.00
Irresistibly Alpaca – Merino Wool Socks  $35.00
Irresistibly Alpaca – Alpaca Wool Scarf  $85.00
Irresistibly Alpaca – Alpaca Wool Beanie  $45.00


Hillgrove Pottery Products 

Item  Price 
Love Heart $7.00
House  $7.00
Round Oil Bottle $45.00
Square Platter  $35.00
Pair of Large Mugs $50.00


Glass in the Grass Products 

Item  Price 
Wine Glass Coaster   Set of 4  $30.00


Wins Creek Meadery Products 

              Item               Price
Beeswax Wrapped Honey Soap            $16.00
Honey Soap              $8.00


Jenny Johnson Design Products 

Item  Price
Indigenous Artwork Chiffon Scarf  $55.00


Strawberry Fields Products 

Item  Price 
Large Tote $60.00
Mini Tote  $40.00
Coin Purse Large  $15.00
Coin Purse Normal  $12.00
Sunglasss Case  $20.00


Ohh Bull Dust Products 

Item  Price 
Beanie  $50.00
Snoods $40.00


Gundaroo Puzzler Products 

Item  Price 
Kangaroo  $35.00
Wombat  $35.00
Echidna $35.00
Platypus $35.00


Great Piece of Yass Products 

Item  Price 
Hessian Bag  $20.00


Yass Valley Merchandise Products 

Item  Price 
Keep Cup  $26.00
Water Bottle  $20.00
Bucket Hat  $15.00
Cap  $20.00
Bumper Sticker  $4.00
Magnet  $3.00




Yass Valley Gift Card

Yass Valley Gift Cards are the ideal present for family, friends, teachers, clients and colleagues. The cards allow people to choose from hundreds of goods and services available across Yass Valley. What better way to ensure your hard earned dollars are spent locally and support businesses that are owned and operated by families within the region.

Please note that when purchasing a gift card from any of the participating outlets a $3 processing fee applies. Cards can be loaded with a with a minimum $10 and maximum of $1000.
Once loaded the cards act like cash, with no refunds available for lost cards.

More information & list of participating stores can be found here.

Local Books

Local History Book Products 

Item  Price 
Hamilton Hume  $25.00
Banjo  $35.00
Ben Halls Last Days  $30.00
Ben Halls Treasure $45.00
Early Days of Yass $40.00
A J Shearsby  $35.00
The Merryville Type  $25.00
The Merryville Story  $20.00
Sutton Stories $25.00
Cavan Station $45.00
Shepherd of Shepherd $30.00
Can’t Eat Scenery $45.00
In Living Memory ( box set )  $150.00


Pascal Press Book Products 

Item  Price 
What am I ? Book  $7.00
Kids Story Book $8.00
Make & Do Book $10.00
Dot-to-Dot Book $10.00
 That’s Series Book  $15.00
Activity Book $15.00
Big Book of Australian Backyards  $15.00
Maze Book $15.00
Sticker Activity Book $15.00
Word Search Book  $15.00
How to Draw Book $18.00
Australian Wildlife Book $18.00


Local Sparkling Wines

Quarry Hill 

Item  Price 
Natural Sparkling $28.00


Kerralee Wines

Item  Price 
Sparkling  $30.00


Granitevale Estate

Item  Price 
Sparkling Shiraz Sangiovese $45.00


Local White Wines

Wimbaliri Wines

Item  Price 
Parallel Chardonnay $29.00


Joshuas Fault Wines

Item  Price 
Chardonnay $28.00


Dionysus Winery

Item              Price
Sauvignon Blanc $20.00


Yarrh Wines 

Item  Price 
Mr Natural Sauvignon Blanc $25.00


Sholto Wines

Item  Price 
Semillon $23.00


Shaw Estate

Item  Price 
Botrytis Semillon $30.00


Gundog Estate

Item  Price 
Wild Semillon $35.00


Lerida Estate 

Item  Price 
Pinot Grigio $24.00


Eden Road Wines

Item  Price 
Pinot Gris $28.00


Lake George

Item  Price 
Pinot Gris $25.00


Four Winds Vineyard

Item  Price 
Riesling $27.00


Gallagher Wine

Item  Price 
Riesling  $30.00


Crowe Wines 

Item  Price 
Riesling  $25.00


Idyllic Hills  

Item  Price 
Viognier $25.00


Tallagandra Hill

Item  Price 
Diplomat Viognier $24.00



Item  Price 
Viognier $45.00



Item  Price 
Marsanne $25.00


Brindabella Hills

Item  Price 
Marsanne $25.00


Local Rosé Wines

Barton Estate 

Item  Price 
Blue Rosé  $22.00


Wily Trout Wines

Item  Price 
Rosé $26.00


Surveyors Hill Vineyards

Item  Price 
Cabernet Franc Rosé $20.00



Item  Price 
Rosé $27.00


Local Red Wines

The Vintners Daughter

Item  Price 
Merlot $30.00


Long Rail Gully

Item  Price 
Merlot $22.00


McKellar Ridge Wines

Item  Price 
Shiraz Viognier  $38.00


Dog Trap Wines

Item  Price 
Shiraz $22.00


Wallaroo Wines

Item  Price 
Shiraz $28.00


Idyllic Hills

Item  Price 
Shiraz $25.00


Kerralee Wines

Item  Price 
Pinot Noir $25.00


Di Bartolo Wines 

Item  Price 
 Pinot Noir  $22.00


Capital Wines

Item  Price 
Tempranillo $27.00


Murrumbateman Winery

Item  Price 
Sangiovese $25.00


Helm Wines

Item  Price 
Cabernet Sauvignon  $40.00


Crowe Wines

Item  Price 
Vino Rosso  $28.00


Local Produce 

Binalong Old Produce Store Products 

Item  Price 
Bushmans BBQ Sauce  $15.00
Banjo’s Tomato Sauce $15.00
Cranberry Sauce  $15.00


Brooks Creek Hamper Products 

Item  Price 
Tomato Relish $12.00
Mango, Chili & Lime Sauce $15.00
Whisky Bourbon BBQ Sauce $15.00
Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce $15.00


Stockman Sticks Products 

Item  Price 
Homestead Jerky $8.00
Long Paddock  $8.00



Rodeo Rump


Beach Bull 

Whip Cracker Hot  $8.00
Whip Cracker Mild $8.00


Barbell Products 

Item  Price 
Chilli Flavour  $7.00
Natural Flavour $7.00


Wins Creek Meadery Products 

              Item               Price
Jar of Honey $15.00


Beths Garden Delight Products 

              Item               Price
Jar of Jam $12.00


Homeleigh Grove Products

Item  Price 

Homeleigh Grove – Oil Gift Box

Infused Oil $16.00


La Barre Products 

Item  Price 
Caramelised Fig Balsamic Vinegar  $18.00
Mango Finishing Vinegar $18.00
Worcestershire Sauce $18.00
Raspberry Vinegar  $18.00
French Dressing  $18.00
Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar $18.00


Made In Yass Products 

Item  Price 
Roasted Pistachio Dukkah Persian Blend $14.00
Roasted Walnut Dukkah Egyptian Blend $12.00


Call us on 02 6226 2557 to place an order!

Orders open Monday – Sunday, including Public Holidays 10:00 am – 4:00pm

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