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Get EGG-stra Creative These School Holidays!

Looking for something to keep the kids entertained these school holidays?

Why not get a bit creative and enjoy some one-on-one time in the build up to Easter!

4 EGG-tremely Easy Ideas ! 


1 – Easter Egg Hunt Practice Run

Easter is an egg-citing time for any child and being School Holidays makes it even better! Why not create an outdoors activity where the kids get to ‘practice’ for the big Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday by hiding items around the yard?
What Will You Need?
  • 5-10 Objects to Hide; Does you child have lots of Lego or small toys? (Ideally you want to find something similar to the size of an Easter egg and colourful so it is not too hard to find). 
  • A Timer; Decide on an allotment of time which the participants have to find the hidden objects! Make sure the time is loud, so the participants know when to stop looking! This helps raise the excitement levels that little bit more! 
  • Treasure Map; This is completely optional, but if the participants are having a hard time finding some of the objects, or you have just hidden them very well you could ask the kids to create a treasure map of the yard before starting the hunt! That way you can mark on there whereabouts the objects are hidden!

The best part about this activity (other than the kids being outdoors in the fresh air) is that you can use objects you already have at home, so there is no need to fill up on chocolate before Easter Sunday! Depending on the hiding spots this activity can take anywhere from minutes, to hours of fun and excitement!

2 – The Egg Toss 

Another fun family outdoor Easter activity is the Egg Toss!
What Will You Need?
  • 5 Colourful Pastic Eggs (or Ping Pong Balls)
  • Chalk or String (to make a line on the ground)
  • Basket (or multiple Baskets to add levels of difficulty) 


What to Do?

Using the chalk or string, create a line on the floor. Place the basket, or baskets, a distance away from the line. Participants must stand behind the line and take turns throwing their eggs towards the basket. The one who successfully throws the most eggs in the basket, or gets the most in being the basket standing the furthest away, wins!

3 – The Classic Egg and Spoon Race

This activity is fun for the whole family!
What Will You Need?
  • A Carton of Eggs
  • Spoons (enough for all participants)
  • Two Markers (cones, chalk, string anything to mark a distance)


What to Do?

Using the chalk, or string, create a line on the floor, measure out a distance (3m – 5m – 10m whatever you would like) mark out another line. Give each participant a spoon and an egg (you can choose to hard boil these eggs first or to use them straight from the carton). As with any race, line up the participants with the egg on the spoon at one line – announce ‘R-EGG-Y, SET, GO’ and the participants race to the other line balancing their egg on the spoon! First one to the other line, with an egg intact wins!

4 – Your Easter Bunny!

Time to create your own Easter Bunny!
What Will You Need?
  • Playdoh (assorted colours)
  • Chopping Board
  • A Picture of A Bunny (to use as a model)
What to Do?

Using the playdoh let the kids take time and create their own Easter Bunny! Use different colours and the chopping board as a base! Create the bunny and the Easter Eggs to make the perfect Easter display!

We hope this has helped you gain some ideas into some egg-citing Easter themed activities these school holidays! Hoppy Easter from the team at the Yass Valley Visitor Information Centre.