Easter 2020

Easter in Yass Valley 2020

With the kids at home this Easter, this blog will give you ideas on how to keep the family entertained with some Egg-stra fun activities you can do from home. 

Get Baking!

Get the cooking gloves on and bake some EGG-stra creative Easter recipes for the whole family to enjoy! 
Click here for some fun Easter recipes!


Hold an Easter egg Race!

Let all race participants decorate their own hard-boiled egg with paint, glitter etc. Hand them a spoon and have them race off down the predetermined course. The will will be the one who reaches the finish line first without dropping their egg. 

Colouring Fun!

Print off some fun Easter colouring pages for the kids to colour or paint! Hang the kids artwork up around the house for some Easter decor!


Easter egg hunt!

Whether its indoors or outdoors, an Easter egg hunt will bring out laughter and fun from everyone! Hide Easter eggs around your home when the little ones aren’t looking and set them off on a hunt!

Make your own Easter egg basket!

Help the little ones make their own basket to collect their Easter eggs in! Print off the template here. Colour, cut and put together!

Egg Decorating!

Decorating eggs is a great Easter activity for you to do with your family. All you will need is hard-boiled eggs and markers or paint. Let the kids creativity run wild!